Edie Nugent

New York, NY

Edie Nugent

New York based writer, reporter, interviewer and publicist with a passion for entertainment and geek-related media.


NYCC ’17 INTERVIEW: Ann Nocenti reveals THE SEEDS is about “alien/human love nests”

Ann Nocenti talks to The Beat about her career in comics and launching the sci-fi political thriller The Seeds
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NYCC ’17 INTERVIEW: Kate Leth talks witches, magics, and queer representation in SPELL ON WHEELS

It’s quite something to be in Kate Leth’s orbit for a little while.
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INTERVIEW: BLACK co-creator Kwanza Osayjefo talks the comic’s creative past, spin-off present, and movie future

This year its popularity has led to not only a spin-off young adult series, but a movie deal as well.
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Dare2Draw Chat: Ramona Fradon

A pioneer for women in comics and one of the greatest comic book artists of DC’s Gold/Silver Age.
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INTERVIEW: How a Group of Artists Bring the World of Assassin’s Creed to Comics

In 2015 Titan Comics began publishing a series based on Ubisoft’s mind-bending adventure games.
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Carole and John Barrowman Tell All! Well, A Lot Anyway…

Try not to fall in love with these rambunctious siblings, I dare you.
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del Toro and Crimson Peak stars talk ghosts, latino Influence

“Lord Byron said famously: ‘if everything else fails, scare them, shock them,’” director Guillermo del Toro told the press at a recent conference for his new film CRIMSON PEAK.
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Don’t Call It a Comeback: Archie’s Been Evolving for Years

Archie comics CEO Jon Goldwater talking to Geek and Sundry about Kevin Keller, Archie’s first openly gay character...
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Hijabi Lolita: conversations on Faith, Fashion, and Fandom

Al-Kattan, who has been wearing the hijabi Lolita style since 2008, explained that her entry point to Japanese culture was a childhood affection for anime and manga “as with most people.”
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Interview: Paul Cornell talks Manic Pixie Dream Doctors, Warcraft, and that time he “messed up.”

Cornell’s narrative contributions to Doctor Who fandom can be traced back to the 80s, writing fiction for Doctor Who fanzines
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Nerd Girl Fashion is Big Business at SDCC 2015

In a world where video game companies grow four times faster than the US economy, nerd merchandising...
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Interview: Phil Jimenez talks Wonder Woman, Midnighter and the future of LGBTQ fandom

Jimenez on gay comic fandom, the many faces of Wonder Woman and why Midnighter leaves him cold...
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Edie Nugent

Edie Nugent was born and raised in New York City and works as a freelance writer and reporter who specializes in print and on-camera interviews. She is a staff writer for The Comics Beat and has worked as a contributing editor for Weird Tales Magazine. Her freelance reporting includes work for, Common Sense Media, Cinemovie, Arise News and WBAI. She also works as a publicist and press officer with a focus on off-Broadway theatre, film and the arts. Edie fell in love with writing in first grade, penning stories about magical donuts that came to life. By sixth grade, she had co-founded her own comic book label, of which she remains absurdly proud.



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