Edie Nugent

New York, NY

Edie Nugent

New York based writer, reporter, interviewer and publicist with a passion for entertainment and geek-related media.


Dare2Draw Chat: Ramona Fradon

A pioneer for women in comics and one of the greatest comic book artists of DC’s Gold/Silver Age.
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Carole and John Barrowman Tell All! Well, A Lot Anyway…

Try not to fall in love with these rambunctious siblings, I dare you.
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Arise On Screen: review of Captain America

Arise TV's weekly movie review show with film critic Mike Sargent and co-hosts reviewing Captain America...
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George Lucas Talks STRANGE MAGIC

George Lucas and actor Elijah Kelley talk STRANGE MAGIC, unrequited love and making children's entertainment...
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STRANGE MAGIC's Alan Cumming & Evan Rachel Wood

STRANGE MAGIC stars Alan Cumming & Rachel Evan Wood talk singing pop classics on film.
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Kristen Bell on Playing Disney Princess: "I Demanded My Character Be Funny"

As a Disney princess in FROZEN, Kristen Bell didn't want the sidekick delivering all the funny lines...
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Schwarzenegger and Stallone on ESCAPE PLAN Red Carpet

Stallone says when he first met Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 80s, it was "hate at first sight..."
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Arise On Screen: Review of Under the Skin

Arise TV's weekly global movie review show with film critic Mike Sargent discusses Under the Skin...
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Spanish Director on Helming NON-STOP with Liam Neeson

NON-STOP director Jaume Collet-Serra talks directing Liam Neeson & working in small spaces
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Edie Nugent

Edie Nugent was born and raised in New York City and works as a freelance writer and reporter who specializes in print and on-camera interviews. She is a staff writer for The Comics Beat and has worked as a contributing editor for Weird Tales Magazine. Her freelance reporting includes work for, Common Sense Media, Cinemovie, Arise News and WBAI. She also works as a publicist and press officer with a focus on off-Broadway theatre, film and the arts. Edie fell in love with writing in first grade, penning stories about magical donuts that came to life. By sixth grade, she had co-founded her own comic book label, of which she remains absurdly proud.



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